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Erika Gleeson, Senior Behaviour Specialist and All Abilities Consultant.
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About Erika.

Erika Gleeson (G.C Autism Studies. B.A, Behavioural Science and Communications) is a Senior Behaviour Specialist and Disability Consultant. Positive Behaviour support is her chosen methodology.
She has worked in the world of behaviour and inclusion her whole career.

Erika’s extensive background includes Anti-Social Behaviour (London, UK), Clinical Training and Consultancy (Sydney, Australia) and University Lecturing on Behavioural Sciences, Counseling and Communications (Perth, Australia).

Erika’s Linkedin profile can be found here.

<div><h2 style="color:#3f8da2"><strong>About Erika.</strong></h2><div>

All ages. All abilities. Full potential.
<h2 style="color:#3f8da2"><strong>Supporting individuals for success.</h2></strong></div>

Supporting individuals for success.

Erika is vert passionate about working with a hands-on and collaborative approach with clients, support staff, schools and families in designing and implementing targeted programs to overcome the challenging behaviour being executed.

Erika’s focus is on the acquisition of new skill sets and increasing the overall quality of life of the individuals whom she supports.