Erika supported my son (as well as our family) for 18months as our Behaviour Specialist. We will forever be indebted to the work that she did for us.  She is a true master of her work, and has a passion and work ethic that is seldom seen. My son adored her from the moment they met, and she was able to undertake the most thorough assessment we’ve ever received; and then provide us with strategies, protocols and programs which are still very much operational. Erika did not address the behaviours in isolation, but looked at things from a very holistic approach; taking into account all of the contributing factors, and the changes that needed to take place in each domain. Ultimately, she made a huge impact on the quality of life of my son, and our family as a whole. We love still staying in touch with Erika and couldn’t recommend her any higher. She is a rare find.


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